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Hand carved Elephant

Hand carved Elephant

Ga home si woxena edziedzi $45.00 USD
Ga home si woxena edziedzi Nudzadzra ƒe asi $45.00 USD
Nudzadzra Wodzrae
Adzɔ hã le eme. Wobu akɔnta le agbalẽɖoɖoɖa ŋu le nuƒleƒe.
This beautifully hand carved elephant was made by our artisan named Justin. Made from solid wood only found in Africa, this beautiful piece of art would compliment any room in your house! The unique thing about this piece is the little wooden tusks. This is an added feature not found on any of our other elephants. Read Justin’s story on the featured artist page!

Nusiwo Wozãna


29 inches high

8 inches wide

5 inches Deep

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